Researching the Effects of Climate Change in Soils Indicate Loss of Nutrition

No matter what side of the climate change debate you might sit on, whether it is a natural occurrence over the life of our planet or humans are directly causing a rapid increase of temperatures across the globe, the reality still exists that Earth is experiencing a steady rise in sea levels, melting of glaciers, and more violent storm systems as the years go by.  However, recent studies have shown that it isn’t only water levels we need to worry about. Trace minerals such as selenium, zinc, and iron are shown to be decreasing in soils known to be affected by long-term changes in climate.

Trace Minerals Support Healthy Growth in the Population

While the initial reaction might be to add more supplements to enriched products such as wheat and dairy to counteract the loss of vital nutrients. the fact is the populations most at ask to a loss of trace elements are those without access to government supported mandates, such as rural areas of China, Africa and other underdeveloped regions of the planet.  Children who suffer from a lack of selenium are known to have improper skeletal growth throughout their lives.

Undetermined Cause of the Loss

While statistics can illustrate the shift of the minerals out of agricultural areas undergoing a significant change in climate, the underlying cause of the vanishing minerals is as yet to be determined. The loss is detected in both the soil and the plants being farmed on the land, even though the same procedures and supply chains are used to obtain top soil, fertilizers and seeds. This leaves scientists looking at the actual process of plant growth and how that may be affected by long-term changes in temperature ad rainfall.

Future Research is Needed

Even as the political atmosphere continues to question the benefits and problems associated with genetically engineering food supplies, it is clear that if the planet is going to be able to support an ever increasing population with nutritious food, that further study in labs equipped with furniture provided by companies like Genie Scientific regarding the movement of trace elements crucial to the health of our species is needed to protect our future.

Even as funds and focus remain on the causes and prevention of climate change, it is essential that the scientific community continues to bring to light the effects of the changes and provide answers on how to continue living a long and healthy life.

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