How to Do Simple Garage Door Repairs and Save Money

Repairs around the house can eat away at your bank account if you are not careful. Garage doors are no different. Problems can get worse if they are not taken care of right away. The best way to fix this and not blow through your savings is to check these problem early on and fix them right away. Here are four common problems listed from the Garage Door Repair Dallas area.

Power Outage

The worst thing that could happen to you on a busy morning is that the power is out on your garage door and you can’t get out. You can’t afford to be late for work or getting the children to school. How are you going to fix it? Garage Door Repair Dallas suggests that you look for a red handle dangling down from the guide track. If you really are in a hurry, pull on this chord to open and close your garage door. Think of it as a manual override that will help you not lose track of time from your work day. This will be helpful to you until you can call the professional as soon as you can.

Noisy Door

Garage Door Repair Dallas knows that this is one of the most common problems to deal with when it comes to garage doors. Nobody likes to disturb the peace just by opening their garage door at any time of the day. If your door sounds like a grinding chainsaw every time you open and close your door, that means you have some serious maintenance problems to work with. How are you going to fix it? First, tighten all the door and track hardware. This usually means they are out of alignment. If that’s not the suspect, check on the track rollers. They might be worn out and it might be time to replace them.

Frozen Door

Another problem to deal with is a frozen garage door. Cold weather can be a nasty thing to deal with around the house– inside and out. The cold can stiffen the mechanism in your garage door open and cause it to stop working. How are you going to fix it? You will happy be to learn that most garage door openers that have been made in the past fifteen years have pressure adjustments. Just simply check and adjust your settings all year round to coordinate with the passing seasons. If you do that, your door will be opening and closing with no problems.

Oil On the Floor

Oil spills are never a good thing. They can lead to accident and ruin your property if you are not careful. Did you know that oil leaking from your garage door is also a sign that you are having problems with it that could lead to worse things if left unchecked? How are you going to fix it? Garage Door Repair Dallas suggests using drywall. Just take a piece of drywall, crumble it into little pieces, and sprinkle it all over the puddle in question. Let it sit overnight and rinse in the morning. Reapply and a brush will get the rest.