All You Need to Pack On Your Next Caribbean Vacation

It’s easy to over-pack for any vacation, but it’s also expensive. Few things put a damper on a great Caribbean vacation faster than paying exorbitant fees for your over-packed luggage before you even make it through security at the airport. Fortunately, there’s not much to packing for your Grace Bay Villas vacation, and we can provide you with a great list of things to pack, things to avoid, and how to make sure you have what you need for your dream vacation.


It’s hot in the Caribbean, so you can skip the heavy coats and sweaters. Before you decide it’s time to put all long sleeves away for the year, though, remember that the ocean breeze can be quite cool at night. Even if the temperature is in the 70s and beautiful, the ocean breeze without the heat of the sun sometimes makes you wish you had a light sweater, cardigan, or blazer. Don’t go overboard, though. Pack one and be done with it.


When you stay at these gorgeous villas, you need little more than your swim wear and coverups for the day. Don’t forget that there is plenty to do outside of the villa, the beach, and your private pool. There is a beautiful island to discover. While most places in the area welcome anyone, it’s helpful to have a coverup over your swimsuit, some flip flops or sandals, and a few ensembles a little more appropriate for a night on the town if you plan on eating out and enjoying the nightlife.

Protective Wear

The Caribbean is a beautiful place, and you won’t see anything quite like the sunrises and sunsets here. While the sun is beautiful, it’s also brutal. This means your skin is in danger of being damaged when you’re spending so much time outdoors, and sunscreen is always necessary. A few hats, some sunglasses, and some protective clothing also keep your skin safe when you’re spending time in the great outdoors whether you’re on the beach or in town doing some shopping. Staying safe is the best way to spend your vacation, and we always recommend you care for your skin on vacation.

A Good Book

Our luxury vacation villas have it all, so you just need to bring the book you want to spend time reading while you’re here. The kids can play in the pool or on the beach with any number of sand or water toys, but you’ll want to bring your reading list along with and finally break down the books you’ve been looking so forward to enjoying when you find a little free time. This is the kind of vacation villa that makes you want to relax and spend time enjoying the simplest pleasures in life.

A Caribbean vacation is meant to relax you, which is why you don’t want to start your trip off on a bad note paying for over-packed, overweight luggage before you even have your boarding pass in hand. This packing list is all you need to make your trip perfect, because your vacation villa will have the rest. Beautiful beaches, perfect weather, and sunsets dreams are made of are what you will find when you visit.